Access Mode to Eduroam

To be able to access to the Eduroam network the employees and students of University of Padua should execute a configuration procedure of their devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) with the parameters (username, password, digital certificate, cryptographic methods, etc.) made available by the University; they can receive assistance writing to the email ''.

The University adheres to CAT (Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool) to make users can configurate authomatically their mobile device. Even if they still don't have correctly don the configuration, they'll receive assistance writing tho the email ''.

To download the configurator, connect to the site '' and click on the button 'Clicca qui per scaricare il tuo programma di installazione eduroam' choosing 'Università degli Studi di Padova' as membership organization. After having installed the configurator it will be inserted the University's credentials, complete with the domain or

Devices for whom it isn't available an authomatic configuration script should be configured by the user setting the paramaters illustrated in FAQ.